H. Ding, and G. Popescu, “Instantaneous spatial light interference microscopy,” Opt. Exp., 18, 1569-1575 (2010).

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We present Instantaneous Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (iSLIM) as a new quantitative phase method that combines the benefits of white light illumination in Zernike’s phase contrast microscopy and phase stability associated diffraction phase microscopy. iSLIM is implemented as an add-on module to a commercial phase contrast microscope, and enables
new features to quantitative phase imaging: diminished speckle effects due to white light illumination, multimodal investigation potential due to overlaying with other modalities of the microscope (e.g. fluorescence, DIC, phase contrast), and spectroscopic potential due to the broad band light. We show proof of principle results by multicolor phase imaging of microsphere and red blood cells, and dynamic imaging of nanoscale cell membrane fluctuations.