Archive: February, 2018

Topography and refractometry of sperm cells using spatial light interference microscopy

Posted on 02/27/18 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link Characterization of spermatozoon viability is a common test in treating infertility. Recently, it has been shown that label-free, phase-sensitive imaging can provide a valuable alternative for this type of assay. We employ spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) to perform high-accuracy single-cell phase imaging and decouple the average thickness and refractive index information for […]

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Magnified Image Spatial Spectrum (MISS) microscopy for nanometer and millisecond scale label-free imaging

Posted on 02/23/18 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link Label-free imaging of rapidly moving, sub-diffraction sized structures has important applications in both biology and material science, as it removes the limitations associated with fluorescence tagging. However, unlabeled nanoscale particles in suspension are difficult to image due to their transparency and fast Brownian motion. Here we describe a novel interferometric imaging technique referred […]

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Optical properties of acute kidney injury measured by quantitative phase imaging

Posted on 02/01/18 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link The diagnosis of acute kidney disease (AKI) has been examined mainly by histology, immunohistochemistry and western blot. Though these approaches are widely accepted in the field, it has an inherent limitation due to the lack of high-throughput and quantitative information. For a better understanding of prognosis in AKI, we present a new approach […]

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