Archive: November, 2017

Physical significance of backscattering phase measurements

Posted on 11/13/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link Quantitative phase imaging of transparent objects in transmission allows for a direct interpretation of the results: the phase shift measured is linear in the refractive index contrast and object thickness. However, the same measurement in a backscattering geometry yields fundamentally different results, because the incident field component is absent from the detected field. […]

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3D-Printed pHEMA Materials for Topographical and Biochemical Modulation of Dorsal Root Ganglion Cell Response

Posted on 11/07/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link Understanding and controlling the interactions occurring between cells and engineered materials are central challenges toward progress in the development of biomedical devices. In this work, we describe materials for direct ink writing (DIW), an extrusion-based type of 3D printing, that embed a custom synthetic protein (RGD-PDL) within the microfilaments of 3D-hydrogel scaffolds to […]

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Coupled circumferential and axial tension driven by actin and myosin influences in vivo axon diameter

Posted on 11/06/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link It has long been known that neuronal axons are contractile. They actively maintain rest tension along the longitudinal direction both in vitro and in vivo. Here we show evidence that embryonic drosophila axons also actively maintain contractility/tension along the circumferential direction. We used confocal microscopy and spatial light interference microscopy to monitor axonal […]

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