Archive: May, 2017

Halo-free Phase Contrast Microscopy

Posted on 05/15/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link We present a new approach for retrieving halo-free phase contrast microscopy (hfPC) images by upgrading the conventional PC microscope with an external interferometric module, which generates sufficient data for reversing the halo artifact. Acquiring four independent intensity images, our approach first measures haloed phase maps of the sample. We solve for the halo-free […]

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Cell density modulates intracellular mass transport in neural networks

Posted on 05/09/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link In order to fully understand brain connectivity and elucidate the mechanisms involved in central nervous system disease, the field of neuroscience depends on quantitative studies of neuronal structure and function. Cell morphology and neurite (axonal and dendritic) arborization are typically studied by immunohistochemical and fluorescence techniques. However, dry mass content and intracellular mass […]

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The power of imaging with phase, not power

Posted on 05/02/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link Combining the principles of interferometry, holography, and microscopy, quantitative phase imaging has emerged as a unique tool for live-cell and tissue imaging.

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