Archive: February, 2017

Geometric localization of thermal fluctuations in red blood cells

Posted on 02/28/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link The thermal fluctuations of membranes and nanoscale shells affect their mechanical characteristics. Whereas these fluctuations are well understood for flat membranes, curved shells show anomalous behavior due to the geometric coupling between in-plane elasticity and out-of-plane bending. Using conventional shallow shell theory in combination with equilibrium statistical physics we theoretically demonstrate that thermalized […]

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Measurement of multispectral scattering properties in mouse brain tissue

Posted on 02/23/17 by Chenfei Hu

PDF Link We present the scattering properties of mouse brain using multispectral diffraction phase microscopy. Typical diffraction phase microscopy was incorporated with the broadband light source which offers the measurement of the scattering coefficient and anisotropy in the spectral range of 550-900 nm. The regional analysis was performed for both the myeloarchitecture and cytoarchitecture of […]

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