Archive: May, 2016

Quantitative phase imaging of weakly scattering objects using partially coherent illumination

Posted on 05/23/16 by Tan Nguyen

PDF Link In this paper, we extend our recent work on partially coherent quantitative phase imaging (pcQPI) from two-dimensional (2D) to three-dimensional (3D) imaging of weakly scattering samples. Due to the mathematical complexity, most theoretical modeling of quantitative phase image formation under partial coherence has focused on thin, well-focused samples. It is unclear how these […]

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Statistical dispersion relation for spatially broadband fields

Posted on 05/18/16 by Tan Nguyen

PDF Link The dispersion relation is fundamental to a physical phenomenon that develops in both space and time. This equation connects the spatial and temporal frequencies involved in the dynamic process through the material constants. Electromagnetic plane waves propagating in homogeneous media are bound by simple dispersion relation, which sets the magnitude of the spatial […]

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