Archive: January, 2016

Dispersion relations of cytoskeleton dynamics

Posted on 01/21/16 by Tan Nguyen

PDF Link While it is well known that the cytoskeleton plays a fundamental role in maintaining cell shape, performing cell division, and intracellular transport, its spatiotemporal dynamics are insuf ciently understood. The dispersion relation, which is fundamental for understanding the connection between spatial and temporal scales of a dynamic system, was employed here for the […]

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High‐Resolution Projection Microstereolithography for Patterning of Neovasculature

Posted on 01/19/16 by Tan Nguyen

PDF Link To gain a quantitative understanding of the way cells sense, process, and respond to dynamic environmental signals in real-time requires developing in vitro model systems that accurately replicate the 3D structure and function of native tissue. A high-resolution projection stereolithography apparatus (μSLA) capable of multimaterial and grayscale 3D patterning of cells and biomaterials […]

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Solving inverse scattering problems in biological samples by quantitative phase imaging

Posted on 01/13/16 by Tan Nguyen

PDF Link Quantitative phase imaging (QPI), a method that pre- cisely recovers the wavefront of an electromagnetic field scat- tered by a transparent, weakly scattering object, is a rapidly growing field of study. By solving the inverse scattering prob- lem, the structure of the scattering object can be reconstructed from QPI data. In the past […]

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