Archive: April, 2014

Dissolution Chemistry and Biocompatibility of Single-Crystalline Silicon Nanomembranes and Associated Materials for Transient Electronics

Posted on 04/07/14 by Taewoo

PDF Link Single crystalline silicon nanomembranes (Si NMs) represent a critically important class of material for high performance forms of electronics that are capable of complete, controlled dissolution when immersed in water and/or bio-fluids, sometimes referred to as a type of ‘transient’ electronics. The results reported here include the kinetics of hydrolysis of Si NMs […]

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Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI): Metrology Meets Biology

Posted on 04/01/14 by Taewoo

PDF Link Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) is an emerging optical approach that measures the optical path length of transparent specimen non-invasively. Therefore, it is suitable for studying unstained biological tissues and cells with high sensitivity and resolution. This capability of QPI has fueled itself to grow rapidly as an active field of study for the […]

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