Archive: February, 2014

Effects of spatial coherence in diffraction phase microscopy

Posted on 02/26/14 by Taewoo

PDF Link Quantitative phase imaging systems using white light illumination can exhibit lower noise figures than laser-based systems. However, they can also suffer from object-dependent artifacts, such as halos, which prevent accurate reconstruction of the surface topography. In this work, we show that white light diffraction phase microscopy using a standard halogen lamp can produce […]

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Highly sensitive quantitative imaging for monitoring single cancer cell growth kinetics and drug response

Posted on 02/19/14 by Taewoo

PDF Link The detection and treatment of cancer has advanced significantly in the past several decades, with important improvements in our understanding of the fundamental molecular and genetic basis of the disease. Despite these advancements, drug-screening methodologies have remained essentially unchanged since the introduction of the in vitro human cell line screen in 1990. Although the existing […]

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Nanoscale topography and spatial light modulator characterization using wide-field quantitative phase imaging

Posted on 02/11/14 by Taewoo

PDF Link We demonstrate an optical technique for large field of view quantitative phase imaging of reflective samples. It relies on a common-path interferometric design, which ensures high stability without the need for active stabilization. The technique provides single-shot, full-field and robust measurement of nanoscale topography of large samples. Further, the inherent stability allows reliable […]

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