Archive: November, 2013

V. Crecea, B. W. Graf, T. Kim, G. Popescu and S. A. Boppart, High Resolution Phase-Sensitive Magnetomotive Optical Coherence Microscopy for Tracking Magnetic Microbeads and Cellular Mechanics, IEEE JSTQE, PP (99), 1 (2013)

Posted on 11/12/13 by Taewoo

PDF Link We present a real-time multimodal near-infrared imaging technology that tracks externally-induced axial motion of magnetic microbeads in single cells in culture. The integrated multimodal imaging technique consists of phase-sensitive magnetomotive optical coherence microscopy (MM-OCM) and multiphoton microscopy (MPM). MPM is utilized for the visualization of multifunctional fluorescent and magnetic microbeads, while MM-OCM detects, […]

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