Archive: November, 2012

R. Wang et al. Nanoscale fluctuations and surface tension measurements in droplets using phase-resolved low-coherence interferometry, Appl. Opt., 52 (1), A177 (2013)

Posted on 11/14/12 by Taewoo

PDF Link A common-path interferometer was designed with rapidly tunable broadband swept laser source, which provides quantitative phase measurements of nanometer scale motions with very high sensitivity. With this setup, we are able to detect the thermal fluctuations in liquid droplets hanging at the end of an optical fiber. The measured nanoscale displacement fluctuations of […]

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R. Wang, L. Lei, P. Wang, A. Levine, G. Popescu, ” Dispersion-relation Fluorescence Spectroscopy” ,Phys. Rev. Lett.

Posted on 11/05/12 by admin

PDF Link Because of its ability to study specifically labeled structures, fluorescence microscopy is the most widely used technique for investigating live cell dynamics and function. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy is an established method for studying molecular transport and diffusion coefficients at a fixed spatial scale. We propose a new approach, dispersion-relation fluorescence spectroscopy (DFS), to […]

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