Archive: March, 2012

B. Bhaduri, H. Pham, M.Mir, and G. Popescu, Diffraction phase microscopy with white light, Optics Letters 37 (6), 2012

Posted on 03/14/12 by mmir2

PDF Link We present white light diffraction phase microscopy (wDPM) as a quantitative phase imaging method that combines the single shot measurement benefit associated with off-axis methods, high temporal phase stability associated with common path geometries, and high spatial phase sensitivity due to the white light illumination. We propose a spatiotemporal filtering method that pushes the limit of […]

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T. Kim, S. Sridharan and G. Popescu, Gradient field microscopy of unstained specimens, Opt. Exp., 20 (6), 2012

Posted on 03/07/12 by Taewoo

PDF Link We present a phase derivative microscopy technique referred to as gradient field microscopy (GFM), which provides the first-order derivatives of the phase associated with an optical field passing through a transparent specimen. GFM utilizes spatial light modulation at the Fourier plane of a bright field microscope to optically obtain the derivatives of the […]

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