Archive: October, 2011

R. Zhu, S. Sridharan, K. Tangella, A. Balla, and G. Popescu, Correlation-induced spectral changes in tissues, Opt. Lett., 36 (21), 2011

Posted on 10/26/11 by mmir2

PDF Link We report experimental evidence of correlation-induced spectral changes in biological tissues. The overall spectral shift in our transmission measurements is to the red and the mean wavelength of the original spectrum is up 10% larger. These results indicate that the spectral changes due to elastic scattering are significant and likely to hinder all […]

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10/17/11 Press: IOP Science LabTalk, Light reveals intracellular traffic

Posted on 10/17/11 by mmir2

Light reveals intracellular traffic

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R. Wang, Z, Wang, L. Millet, M. U.Gillette, A. J. Levine, and G. Popescu, Dispersion-relation phase spectroscopy of intracellular transport, Opt. Exp., 19 (21), 2011.

Posted on 10/04/11 by mmir2

PDF LINK We used quantitative phase imaging to measure the dispersion relation, i.e. decay rate vs. spatial mode, associated with mass transport in live cells. This approach applies equally well to both discrete and continuous mass distributions without the need for particle tracking. From the quadratic experimental curve specific to diffusion, we extracted the diffusion […]

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