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Z. Wang , D. L. Marks , P. S Carney, L. J. Millet, M. U. Gillette, A. Mihi, P. V. Braun, Z. Shen, S. G. Prasanth and G. Popescu, Spatial light interference tomography (SLIT), Opt. Exp., 19 (21), 2011

Posted on 09/27/11 by mmir2

PDF Link We present spatial light interference tomography (SLIT), a label free method for 3D imaging of transparent structures such as live cells.  SLIT uses the principle of interferometric imaging with broadband fields and combines the optical gating due to the micron-scale coherence length with that of the high numerical aperture objective lens. Measuring the […]

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S. Sridharan, M. Mir and G. Popescu, Simultaneous optical measurements of cell motility and growth, Biomed. Opt. Exp., 2 (10), 2011

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PDF Link It has recently been shown that spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) developed in our laboratory can be used to quantify the dry mass growth of single cells with femtogram sensitivity [M. Mir et al., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci.  108, 32 (2011)]. Here we show that it is possible to measure the motility of […]

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R. Wang, Z. Wang, J. Leigh, N. Sobh, L. Millet, M. U. Gillette, A. J. Levine and G. Popescu, One-dimensional deterministic transport in neurons measured by dispersion-relation phase spectroscopy, J. Phys. Cond. Matt., 23, 2011.

Posted on 09/15/11 by mmir2

PDF Link We studied the active transport of intracellular components along neuron processes using a new method developed in our laboratory: dispersion-relation phase spectroscopy. This method is able to quantitatively map spatially the heterogeneous dynamics of the concentration field of the cargos at submicron resolution without the need for tracking individual components. The results in […]

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J. Lim, H. Ding, M. Mir, R. Zhu, K. Tangella, and G. Popescu, Born approximation model for light scattering by red blood cells, Biomed. Opt. Exp., 2, (10), 2011

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PDF Link The primary role of a red blood cell (RBC) is delivering oxygen throughout our body. Abnormalities of this basic function lead to anemia and are caused by numerous diseases such as malaria and sickle cell anemia. As prompt and inexpensive tests for blood screening are in demand, we have developed a faster and […]

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J. P. Haldar, Z. Wang, G. Popescu, and Z. P. Liang, Deconvolved Spatial Light Interference Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 58 (9), 2011

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PDF Link Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) is a recently developed method for the label-free imaging of live cells, using the quantitative optical path length through the sample as an endogenous source of contrast. In conventional SLIM, spatial resolution is limited by diffraction and aberrations. This paper describes a novel constrained deconvolution method for improving […]

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09/06/11 NEWS: “One-dimensional deterministic transport in neurons” by Ru Wang et al., featured on the cover of Journal of Physics: Condensed matter.

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