J. P. Haldar, Z. Wang, G. Popescu, and Z. P. Liang, Deconvolved Spatial Light Interference Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 58 (9), 2011

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Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) is a recently developed method for the label-free imaging of live cells, using the quantitative optical path length through the sample as an endogenous source of contrast. In conventional SLIM, spatial resolution is limited by diffraction and aberrations. This paper describes a novel constrained deconvolution method for improving resolution in SLIM. Constrained deconvolution is enabled by experimental measurement of the system point-spread function and the modeling of coherent image formation in SLIM. Results using simulated and experimental data demonstrate that the proposed method leads to significant improvements in the resolution and contrast of SLIM images. The proposed method should prove useful for high-resolution label-free studies of biological cells and subcellular processes.