D. Babacan, Z. Wang, M. Do and G.Popescu , Cell imaging beyond the diffraction limit using sparse deconvolution spatial light interference microscopy , Biomed. Opt. Exp., 2 (7), (2011).

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We present an imaging method, dSLIM, that combines a novel deconvolution algorithm with spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM), to achieve 2.3x resolution enhancement with respect to the diffraction limit. By exploiting the sparsity of the phase images, which is prominent in many biological imaging applications, and modeling of the image formation
via complex fields, the very fine structures can be recovered which were blurred by the optics. With experiments on SLIM images, we demonstrate that significant improvements in spatial resolution can be obtained by the proposed approach. Moreover, the resolution improvement leads to higher accuracy in monitoring dynamic activity over time. Experiments with primary brain cells, i.e. neurons and glial cells, reveal new subdiffraction structures and motions. This new information can be used for studying vesicle transport in neurons, which may shed light on dynamic cell functioning. Finally, the method is flexible to incorporate a wide range of image models for different applications and can be utilized for all imaging modalities acquiring complex field images.