H. Pham, H. Ding, N. Sobh, M. Do, S. Patel and G.Popescu , Off-axis quantitative phase imaging processing using CUDA: toward real-time applications , Biomed. Opt. Exp., 2 (7), (2011).

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We demonstrate real time off-axis Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) using a phase reconstruction algorithm based on NVIDIA’s CUDA programming model. The phase unwrapping component is based on Goldstein’s algorithm. By mapping the process of extracting phase information and unwrapping to GPU, we are able to speed up the whole procedure by more than 18.8× with respect to CPU processing and ultimately achieve video rate for mega-pixel images. Our CUDA implementation also supports processing of multiple images simultaneously. This enables our imaging system to support high speed, high throughput, and real-time image acquisition and visualization.