M. Mir, Z. Wang, K. Tangella and G. Popescu, Diffraction Phase Cytometry: Blood on a CD-Rom, Opt. Exp. 17, 2579-2585(2009).

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We demonstrate Diffraction Phase Cytometry (DPC) as a single shot, full-field, high throughput quantitative phase imaging modality, dedicated to analyzing whole blood smears. Utilizing a commercial CD as a sample substrate, along with dynamic spatial filtering via a liquid crystal spatial light modulator, we have developed a compact instrument capable of making quantitative, physiologically relevant measurements. To illustrate the ability of the system to function as a highly sensitive cytometer we imaged a large number (N=1,537) of live human erythrocytes in whole blood without preparation. We retrieved a comprehensive set of geometrical parameters including cell volume and surface area, which are not directly
available using existing cytometers. Furthermore, we retrieved the minimum cylindrical diameter, through which red blood cells can pass, and deliver oxygen. These initial results prove the concept for an inexpensive lab-on-a chip blood screening device.