Dissolution Chemistry and Biocompatibility of Single-Crystalline Silicon Nanomembranes and Associated Materials for Transient Electronics

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Single crystalline silicon nanomembranes (Si NMs) represent a critically important class of material for high performance forms of electronics that are capable of complete, controlled dissolution when immersed in water and/or bio-fluids, sometimes referred to as a type of ‘transient’ electronics. The results reported here include the kinetics of hydrolysis of Si NMs in bio-fluids and various aqueous solutions through a range of relevant pH values and temperatures, as well as the effects of dopant type and concentration. In vitro and in vivo investigations of Si NMs and other transient electronic materials demonstrate biocompatibility and bio-resorption, thereby suggesting potential for envisioned applications in active, biodegradable electronic implants.

Tae Woo Kim Graduate Research Assistant Electrical and Computer Engineering Quantitative Light Imaging Laboratory 4053 Beckman Institute University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign tkim44@illinois.edu